NOW is the time to borrow.

OK this is it.  The 10 year Treasury hit ONE POINT EIGHT EIGHT today.  FHA fixed rate firsts are at 3.75.  30 year fixed residentials are at 3.875 no points no discount.  WHOA.  SBA 504’s are 5-5.25.  Life company money is at 5 and may be below for TEN I said TEN years.  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MONEY ON A REAL ESTATE SECURED basis, commercial or res, NOW NOW NOW is the time to pull the trigger.  EM, I’ll help point you in the right direction.  It may not get ANY better than this, a historical low.

About Timothy E Thomas

Senior business development officer, CENNTENNIAL LENDING, metro Denver. Responsible for SBA 504 production and conventional small balance commercial lending. Centennial is a credit union service organization owned by 13 credit unions in Colorado and Wyoming. Former SBA-USDA desk manager and Registered Representative for Isaak Bond Investments, Inc., a municipal broker dealer and market maker in SBA and USDA guaranteed loans and pools; taxable and tax exempt municipal bonds and agency securities serving institutional investors for over 33 years, member SIPC, FINRA.
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