Good News on Jobs — and More Opportunities from SBA to Help Your Business Restructure Debt

The biggest news of the week?  I got two loans approved, Yeah!

But of more Macro vs Micro nature, this from Fed Watcher Lou Barnes:  “ 227,000 net-jobs created in February, and a 61,000 positive revision to the Dec-Jan sum. That’s good news, and crowing by the party in power is justfied. However, all is relative. The good jobs numbers in the last three months are likely to have been boosted by good weather. The February numbers include a negligible gain in wages, 0.1% equal to three cents per hour, and no acceleration in hours worked. Unemployment remained 8.3%, and inclusive of “involuntary part-time” improved slightly to 14.9% — both understated by discouraged workers leaving the workforce.

Nothing matters more than jobs, because we must have tax revenue before we embark on austerity, and austerity is coming, ready or not.”

Here’s some more good news, this from Mike O’Donnell, head of Colorado’s largest CDC (Certified Development Company) and 504 guru.  Suppose your business owns a building, or you own the building and lease it back to the business.  Under the new SBA rules, which seem to have been indefinitely extended, you can REFINANCE the existing debt AND pull cash out to renovate the building AND pay off your Bank lines of credit, AND pull some cash out for working capital.

Yes, that’s right, SBA will help your business RESTRUCTURE and there’s no better way than a 504:  A first mortgage from, let’s see whom do I recommend?  Ah, YES, Centennial Lending!  Fixed rate, 4.5 to 5.25 as I write this, NO prepay penalty, unlike all those other 504 first mortgage lenders.  And behind that a SECOND that is 20 years long which as I write this is at 4.8%.  Wow.  What a GREAT time to look at refinancing your business real estate with SBA’s guarantee – AND it does not matter if the debt was not SBA to begin with!


Click here for the article and email me at for more information.  Clck here for rates.Commercial Mortgages March 2012- Centennial Lending

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Senior business development officer, CENNTENNIAL LENDING, metro Denver. Responsible for SBA 504 production and conventional small balance commercial lending. Centennial is a credit union service organization owned by 13 credit unions in Colorado and Wyoming. Former SBA-USDA desk manager and Registered Representative for Isaak Bond Investments, Inc., a municipal broker dealer and market maker in SBA and USDA guaranteed loans and pools; taxable and tax exempt municipal bonds and agency securities serving institutional investors for over 33 years, member SIPC, FINRA.
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