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Send In the Fees, Yes, They are Back!

Guaranee fees are back on the 7A and 504 make sure you change your good faith estimates Continue reading

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They Showed Me the Money – Here comes the 504 Guarantee!

Ready for LIFTOFF? The SBA will now guarantee 85% of the SENIOR part of the 504 Continue reading

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Horizon West Launches National Wholesale SBA Platform

Community banks and commercial mortgage bankers can now originate and sell 7A, 504 and USDA eligible loans without impacting their balance sheets — there’s a new player in town. Continue reading

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Extend and Pretend

So $770 Billion (with a big B) of the $1.4 TRILLION  (with a T) of the commercial mortgages maturing between now and 2014 are in trouble.  The four horsemen of the Apocalypse:  higher tenant non-renewals, higher vacancy, higher cap rates, … Continue reading

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